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Financial English proofreading and editing

Whether you are producing documentation for consumer banking, annual reports, prospectuses for funds and securities, taxation documents or business-related materials such as tender documents, proposals or business plans – English Monitor’s financial English proofreading and editorial services can assist you.

We understand that when working in the financial sector it is important that the confidentiality of your materials is rigorously maintained. We can offer you graduate, native-English speaking editors with the know-how and business expertise to get a persuasive message over to your customer base all edited and proofread with total confidentiality.  

Financial English
Financial document editing
Our process

We begin with the overview phase of the process where we consider the financial document in its entirety with regard to its structure and content to ensure that it meets its declared objectives. It is important to get the structure of the document fit for its intended purpose before we start to look at the detail of the grammar, spelling, sentence construction etc.

We can point out to you where there are ambiguities, omissions and repetitions. If certain parts appear unclear then we will advise you accordingly with suggestions for your consideration to improve clarity.  It is all too easy for a document to start off on the right track and then get lost in detail with displacement arguments that distract and confuse the reader from its intended theme. Additionally, the overuse of jargon may be an issue whereby assertions may be readily presented in plain English to ease the understanding by lay readers.

Some jargon and acronyms are inevitable of course in any text prepared in a specialist field but plain and simple English assists in getting over your convincing message and particularly so to a non-specialist audience.

Accordingly, our initial editorial process may advise some re-structuring of the text, re-drafting, addition or reduction of selected headings and sub-headings, paragraphing, attention to the numbering of paragraphs, citation of reference materials, headers, footers etc. All of this is designed to improve and simplify the flow of your intended document improving comprehension. Following this overview, we start the process of making these editorial changes and then carry out the proofreading.

Financial editing
Financial document proofreading

Once we are content with the structure we start the proofreading phase. This is much more than a simple software-automated spell check for gross errors but additionally entails a review of syntax, grammatical constructs, sentence structure, punctuation, and word usage.

Our graduate, native-English speaking editors with a track record in the financial sector carry out this work. We can work in either US or UK English, it’s your choice. Additionally, when cross-checked independently by a second professional, we consider this provides our clients with an optimum solution.

A particular issue when proofreading business and financial documents is the need to be consistent in the use of defined terms. Such terms, when defined early on in document and are often repeated throughout the text and care should be taken to utilise identical text and capitalisations so ambiguities are eliminated without resort to the use of synonyms. Are certain phrases and sentences ambiguous? Have words been missed out? Is the punctuation used open to misinterpretation giving potential ambiguities? e.g. absent or misplaced apostrophes.  All such factors need to be considered and checked to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

How we work

After assessing your documents we will make any necessary editorial changes we have identified in terms of style, structure and formatting. This is generally conducted using tracked-changes in MS WORD Revisions Mode. (Other formats may be acceptable, please check with us)

When working through your document, we consider any necessary changes according to:

– Grammar
– Spelling
– Vocabulary
– Punctuation
– Word usage
– Sentence structure and word usage

Final quality assessment. 

We carry out an additional edit/proofread with a second, independent editor to check and pick up any further points missed on the first pass.


In some cases, misunderstandings may exist in the interpretation of the text due to translation issues or ambiguities in the written English. In cases where we have also translated from the source text we refer back to the translator for qualification of the issues, if not, we embed comments in the text with suggestions for clarification and/or offer alternative pieces of text for the author to assess and choose from.


We deliver to you a WORD Revisions version of your text to meet your indicated timescale, side-lined with changes and commented on as appropriate AND a clean version of the text with changes accepted. Similarly, we can do this other word processing packages. Should you be unhappy with our work, you should contact us at an early opportunity to discuss the issues and we will re-work the text to your satisfaction.

Why use English Monitor?

At English Monitor we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a professional, timely and cost-effective service. We use university graduate, Western-educated, mother-tongue English editors many with higher degrees. Our responsiveness and quality can be assured.

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