Proofreading and editing for Marketing, PR and advertising English

As a marketing professional, you will understand how seemingly small errors in your marketing materials can cause great embarrassment and potentially spoil your marketing campaigns. While great efforts may have been invested in your branding exercises and associated advertising, all may be lost if embarrassing language errors have crept in. 

For content writers who speak English as a second language, having your content checked by a native English linguist is an essential quality control stage to ensure that the messages have been carefully localised to your intended market.

Proofreading and editing by marketing specialists

ESL Editing and Proofreading

Application proofreading

In many cases, our clients are ESL (English Second Language) speakers, they’ve written the content themselves, but they understand the importance of having the expert eye of a native English editor to cast over their copy. Producing a professional piece of persuasive marketing content takes time and expertise, it is hard enough for a native English speaker to produce high-quality content, so for ESL speakers, working with a native English editor is an essential part of the process.

‘Would it sound right’ to a native English ear? Does it give the right image? These are the questions that will be asked by our high-level, professional business copyeditors.

We ensure that our editor has a background that is appropriate to your market and can provide the right level of sophistication, ensuring your content is written in the correct tone and style, that it is fit for purpose and will ‘hit the mark’ with your target audience.

Our expert, native English editors will point out any phraseology, language constructs or formats that would benefit from re-drafting or could be in conflict with your intentions. Whether your marketing materials are press releases, product descriptions, brochures, web content or flyers containing graphics – we can assist. 

Post-translation English editing

At English Monitor, we adopt a multi-layered approach. If you have chosen to have your source language material translated by us we always use a bilingual, source language native speaker. After this stage, we ensure that a native English editor with specialist market knowledge is used to convey the subtleties and nuances of your message.

Writing effective communications is an art, as well as a science. The process of producing persuasive advertising and marketing texts is a highly creative one, taking time, effort and expertise. The subtleties, nuances and idiomatic language used to create a beautifully written piece of advertising or marketing content can nearly always be lost in translation.

It is therefore essential that post-translation, your text is reviewed and edited by a native English speaker. Preferably a market specialist who truly understand both the language, target audience and intended message of your communications.

The process for editing & proofreading Marketing, PR and advertising documents

Firstly, our process is to read your marketing and advertising copy thoroughly to gain an overview of its structure and total content to ensure it meets the declared intentions of your organisation, brand image and is a fit for the target market. This first editorial stage is important since it allows us to generate an overall ‘feel’ for the content and layout, its ordering and coverage before attempting any changes.

We look at the structure, graphics and flow of the text considering the impact and readability to ensure that we are able to localise to the needs of the intended audience. Secondly, keeping in mind this overall structure, we then pass through the document making any editorial changes identified in style, structure and graphical layout.

For text, this is generally in MS WORD Revisions Mode or .pdf (other formats may be acceptable e.g. Google docs, various DTP packages for graphics – please check with us) and then we proofread to make other changes we consider necessary according to:

– Grammar
– Spelling
– Vocabulary
– Punctuation
– Sentence structure
– Word usage
– Word omissions
– Repetitions
– Inconsistencies

Quality control. 

We carry out an additional edit/proofread with a second, independent editor to check and pick up any further points missed on the first pass to provide a balanced overview.

Total customer satisfaction is essential to English Monitor. We therefore make a promise that we will continue to edit your text until you are 100% satisfied. This means that our English Editing and Proofreading Services come with zero risks, as we are the only per-word translation, editing and proofreading service that offers an instant quote and unlimited revisions.

Desktop publishing. 

We realise that most marketing and advertising material contain graphics and we can advise on graphical formats and re-structure your copy to give the visual impact necessary to raise the profile of your submission. We work with several desktop publishing and graphics packages – please check with us.

Best practice - Edited document


For editorial assignments, our preference is to work with Microsoft WORD. We used tracked-changes and provide both a ‘clean’ version (with tracked-changes accepted) and the tracked-changes version which of course shows where all changes have been made, with comments highlighted.

In many cases, we are able to process orders with other word processing and graphics packages. Please contact us to discuss any needs with regards to specific graphics packages.

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