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We ensure that your English editor or translator is active in your field of study and that they, therefore, have sound and up to date knowledge of your academic area. Many have PhD or Master’s degree qualifications from top British and international universities. All our editors are native English speakers.

Preparing your academic text or thesis

In the international world of academia, you will no doubt be faced at some stage with the need to prepare documents for publication in the open literature or in the fulfilment of a student course requirement. You may be an undergraduate student on a course that requires a project report, dissertation or short thesis to be prepared on the final year project you have been engaged in.

At a more senior level, you may be faced with the preparation of a dissertation or thesis as part of your Master’s degree or doctorate research programme. Generally, in fulfilment of the requirements to gain such higher degrees some of your work will be earmarked for possible publication in a prestigious academic journal and require the preparation of research papers. Further, if you are an established academic then you will be under pressure to prepare and deliver a yearly volume of your research findings for publication in established academic journals to maintain your credible position in the university faculty.

Currently, it is an indisputable fact that the largest volume of the findings of research in the technical world is published in the English language. The requirements of leading open literature publications are prescriptive in both the quality of the research work being carried out, editorial standards, quality of the English and presentation. As an ESL student, researcher or academic you may find it difficult to get your technical documents through the peer review stage unless you have made efforts to have your work reviewed and edited by a native English speaking specialist in your technical area.

See our guidance for ESL students and graduate researchers for the preparation of technical reports in English: (Tips for preparing your technical document in English: Advice for ESL students and graduate researchers).

If you have a draft – English Monitor can assist you!

If English is not your mother tongue then you will need our professional editing and proofreading skills to ensure your draft publication is not rejected at the editorial or peer review stages due to ‘bad English’ – this is a comment we have seen many times when engaged in a rewrite!

At English Monitor, we have unique experience not only in editing written submissions for publication but also many of our editors have technical experience across a range of disciplines with many qualified to master’s degree or doctoral level.  This combination of skills is at your disposal to ensure that the context and essential messages of your written submission are developed to maximum effect.

Our objective is to give you a competitively priced product that will pass muster in the editorial process and give your work the recognition and kudos that it deserves in an international forum. Make sure your intended publication hits the mark by entrusting English Monitor to do your editing!

What can I expect when English Monitor edits my draft?

  • You will have to supply your original draft text to English Monitor. We can accept your text in one of 8 Asian languages or in English. If the text is not in the English language we can translate it for you. If the text is in English as your second language, and you know it is essential to improve the quality of your English, we will do this. We have standard prices for translation work on our website but our editing prices relate to the amount of work we have to do from simple, single-pass editing through to a full re-write. We will inform you by email in confirmation of our costs before starting work.
  • If your document is intended for publication in an open literature publication (journal) then we can assist you further if you require – please send us the ‘Information for authors’ guidance document you will have received from the publishers detailing the format and editorial style required e.g. paragraphing, referencing style etc. We will apply our best endeavours to ensure compliance with the requirements. We will always endeavour to edit your draft to a standard that meets the requirements of the publication’s editorial process by considering the structure, content, layout and general presentation.
  • You will be using our graduate qualified team of experienced editors – all are native English speakers with experience in the re-drafting and editing of technical documents.
  • You will receive an MS WORD tracked changes version so that you can see clearly what changes we have made. This will focus on improving your grammar, correcting any spelling, punctuation, typographical errors and editorial format.
  • We will provide embedded comments in your draft for points of clarification where meanings may be unclear or where we have made changes to improve both flow and understanding.
  • For second language students writing in English, we will revise sentence structures to use constructs that a native English speaker would use intuitively to improve language use and fluency while preserving technical content.
  • We will complete your assignment by providing you with a summary advising any areas of concern and potential issues that need attention.
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