English Monitor’s high-quality editorial services ensure that your English language communications, documents and content are always written to the highest standards of professional quality.

We offer far more than just simple English editing services – we are the English language communications specialists. Our industry sector professionals and academic experts will enhance your text to the extent that it appears to have been written by a professional writer that has specific expertise in your area.

Editing and proofreading by native English speakers

Editing and proofreading services by native English speakers

Our English editing services are comprised of three separate service types:

  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Rewriting

When you upload a document that is already in English, we assess the standard of your text and provide you with a custom quote based on one of the following three services:


For cases where your English is already of a high standard. For this service level, we correct any basic grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and we’ll also rearrange basic sentence structure, syntax etc. along with ensuring the accuracy of word usage and terminology. Prices for proofreading start from less than $0.03c per word! Go to homepage to upload your document now


Sometimes a person’s English will require more in-depth editing to bring it up to a native standard. We offer this more intensive service which includes all the aforementioned proofreading service elements but we also include considerable restructuring of the language to improve tone, flow, clarity and logical transitions. Prices for copyediting start from less than $0.04c per word! Go to homepage to upload your document now


For ESL speakers, there are some cases where the text will require a total rewrite to become readily understandable English. An expert with a strong background in your specific industry or academic area will rewrite your text to a native English standard whilst ensuring that the intended meaning is maintained and that the text is written in the correct style and tone for the target audience. Prices for English rewriting start from less than $0.07c per word! Go to homepage to upload your document now

Perfect English every time!

Best practice - Edited document

• Professionally edited by a native English editor (not a machine!)
• Transform any level of English into perfect, native standard English
• Professionally written by a subject area/industry expert.

English Monitor’s specialist editorial services are conducted by native English speakers with subject area expertise

When the editor knows and understands your specific business, technical or academic area they are certain to understand the context, subject matter and jargon. It also ensures that they achieve the right tone, pitch the language at the correct level and write in the correct style with the highest degree of accuracy.

Producing a quality piece of writing is a specialist skill

Editing content to a high standard of quality is a specialist skill. Even people who speak English as their first language use English Monitor’s services to improve the quality of their content. In fact, even professional writers have their texts proofread by us before final submission! Go to homepage to upload your document now