The technical and engineering sector demands the absolute highest levels of accuracy. Clear and technically precise edits and translations are of critical importance. English Monitor’s technical & engineering translation and editing professionals are native English speakers with specialist backgrounds and expertise in multiple engineering and technical disciplines. For high-quality technical and engineering English translation, it is essential that your translators and editors have a strong understanding of the subject area combined with native English proficiency.

  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy sector
  • Telecoms
  • Instruction manual and user guide translation

Sector Overview

Technical and engineering documentation forms a very large part of the translation and copy editing market demanding the highest levels of accuracy. The various technical and engineering disciplines each have their own set of unique jargon words and acronyms that require a developed understanding and unambiguous translation if the precise sense of meaning is to be preserved. Such considerations are essential across the sector and particularly so for critical items of documentation e.g. safety documents, where there is no scope for misinterpretation and precise meanings must be preserved. The consequences of inappropriate translation under such circumstances can be dire –unforeseen financial liabilities under litigation may be incurred! The importance of sector specialists combining both language and technical knowledge therefore cannot be overemphasised.

English Monitor’s Approach in the Technical and Engineering Sector

English Monitor’s technical and engineering translation and editing professionals are native English speakers with specialist backgrounds and expertise in multiple engineering and technical disciplines.

The teams we deploy are technically qualified graduates with backgrounds in technical writing; many are post-graduate qualified within their subject areas. Hence, our translators and editors combine technical knowledge with bilingual expertise in the language pairs we support. We find this approach combines a strong understanding of the subject area with native English proficiency. Utilising a translator or copy editor with a track record in a particular technical area is essential so that the context of the source material is fully understood and this will lead subsequently to an accurate and readable translation.

Translation and Editorial Process in the Technical and Engineering Sector

During the translation and editorial process we often find it necessary to re-draft written text by adapting sentences into a simple structure and format that an English reader would find familiar. As the ideas develop, short sentences clearly explaining technical concepts in a logical order are key to ensuring that an unambiguous message is conveyed from source to target languages. This assists in preserving both the detail and the broader picture the specific document is intended to communicate. In general, it is only possible to achieve this overall outcome if the translator/editor fully understands the subject matter. It is common practice in much technical documentation to incur repetition of key phrases, statements and acronyms – we take care in identifying such to ensure that consistency is maintained throughout a document or series of documents by ensuring that repeat phrases are treated identically thus removing any potential ‘blurring’ of meaning.  Following our translation and editorial work, a quality check is provided by an equally skilled independent specialist. Should unresolved ambiguities in meaning or terms persist, and this is considered key to the overall understanding of the document, then English Monitor would in all cases revert to the originator for additional clarification.

The disciplines we cover

English Monitor can provide translation and editorial services across a wide range of technical and engineering disciplines including:

  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy sector
  • Telecoms
  • Construction


The range of documentation in these sectors is particularly diverse:

  • Technical documentation
    • Operating manuals
    • Safety manuals
    • Service manuals
    • Instruction guides
    • Training materials
    • Quick start guides
    • Technical reports
    • Datasheets
    • Product brochures
  • Specifications
  • Technical commercial submissions
    • Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
    • Tender documentation, proposals
  • Technical Marketing materials

Additionally, English Monitor is able to re-draft your documentation into an appropriate corporate format using our DTP and graphics packages to ensure consistency with your existing documents.