English Monitor is the only company that specialises in translating content specifically from Asian languages into English. This means that we truly are English translation specialists!

Translation into English

Translated and edited by native human experts – not machines!

Rather than struggling to write a technical or complex piece of text in English, our ESL clients often find it simpler to send across their text in their native language to be translated into English by one our industry specialist translators. This is done by a native speaker in the client’s source language. The text can then be perfected to a native English standard by going through the editing and proofreading stage using a native English editor.

Our total quality approach to translation:

Our total quality approach to translationUsing English Monitor’s quality-focused approach to translation ensures that your readers will not even realise that the text has been translated, as it will flow in a manner that only a native speaker could achieve whilst ensuring that the appropriate style and tone is maintained. We guarantee that the specialist translator will understand the jargon, unique terminology, expressions and stylistic preferences that are specific to your industry or field of expertise. We also guarantee that your specialist English editor will be a native English speaker, with true expertise in your academic or industry sector.

Using an English Monitor specialist therefore guarantees the highest quality translation service.

Languages translated into English:

  • Simplified Chinese to English translation
  • Traditional Chinese to English translation
  • Japanese to English translation
  • Korean to English translation
  • Malay to English translation
  • Bahasa to English translation
  • Thai to English translation
  • Vietnamese to English translation

We have specialist expertise in these sectors:

  • Academic & scientific translation services
  • Medical translation services
  • Legal translation services
  • Patent translation services
  • Technical translation services
  • Financial translation services
  • Marketing translation services
  • Pharmaceutical & life-sciences translation services
  • Engineering translation services
  • PR & Advertising translation services
  • IT & Software translation services
  • Travel Tourism and hospitality translation services
  • FMCG, retail and labelling translation services
  • CV/Resume translation services

“Producing professionally written content takes time and expertise – it isn’t a case of simply translating the words into English”

Some companies think that it is a good idea to use machine translation with post-translation human editing. We do not! English Monitor offers far more than just translation services because we are English language communications specialists and we, therefore, understand that effective communication in English takes more than just simple translation.  Our specialist team don’t just translate, they enhance the quality of your communications. Our industry sector professionals and academic experts enhance your text to the extent that our service adds higher value to your content when compared to the services offered by standard translation firms.

English Monitor’s services ensure that your English language communications, documents and content are always written to the highest standards of professional quality.

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