Specialist FMCG, retail & labelling editing and proofreading

The editing and proofreading stage of packaging and branding materials is an essential stage before products are introduced to the market.

English Monitor is able to conduct final independent checking of product labels, packaging, branding and informational materials. This is an essential stage in the quality control process to ensure that accuracy, market orientation and cultural subtleties are preserved without diluting or changing the essential content.

Brand image is a key consideration in retail, so internationally traded consumer goods within competitive sectors must develop a strong brand presence adapted to meet the cultural sensitivities, understanding consumer attitudes of the target market to ensure strong product launch and ongoing success.

Whether your product requires editing/proofreading for its retail packaging, labelling (medicines, ingredient lists etc), product descriptions, product operations manuals, flyers, posters or other advertising materials we can adapt and re-orientate them to make your message intentionally targeted to an English speaking audience.

For post-translation editing, a particular example of the need for total and unambiguous accuracy is the case of medicine labelling where dosage and dose frequency translation errors could have very serious consequences with legal implications should inaccuracies be found. Similarly, care labels on garments require particular care during editing post-translation according to the material type and aftercare instructions. 

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