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Specialist FMCG, retail & labelling translators

Translation, editing and proofreading in the retail sector – whether it’s the translation of product labels, warnings, retail packaging, product descriptions, product operations manuals, flyers, posters or other advertising materials require the translator to be fully conversant not only with the source language but also with the cultural sensitivities of the target English speaking market.

This ‘localisation’ process requires commercial knowledge in the specific sector to provide customer-focused messaging. We always use the ‘human interface’ for this work with no reliance on CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) since we have found that word subtleties between various languages and English are often not accurately reflected by such CAT systems. Also, word by word translation is not often directly appropriate since the intended sense may not be preserved so that extensive rewriting may be required to generate the best impact to do your brand justice in an English speaking market.

There have been too numerous examples of poorly translated texts during various product launches that have caused severe embarrassments in the retail sector. It is our stated firm obligation to avoid such scenarios at all costs! Accordingly, we always select market specialists with source/target language knowledge to perform this important work to ensure your message gets across giving your product the impact it deserves.

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